Zodiacs Ranked from Overconfident to Most Insecure

Zodiacs Ranked from Overconfident to Most Insecure (Based on the 2018 Horoscope):

1. Leo

They are the most confident people. Leo are full of energy and power that helps them stay confident in every situation. They never lose hope however tough the situation is and that is what makes them stand out from the crowd.
Leo people know their value. They keep their head high and never settle for anything lesser than they deserve.
If you’re around a Leo, you’d know it with the positive and energetic vibe of the environment of that place.


2. Scorpio

These people have maturity in their life. They know that they have some flaws but still, they keep their motivation high and use their flaws as a motivating force.
Scorpio people stay satisfied with whatever they’ve. This is the reason why their confidence level remains high and their personality seems calm and mature.

3. Capricorn

These people value their intelligence and talent very much. They never bother too much about what anyone thinks about them or who gossip about them. They just never care about this kind of energy sucking thoughts.
That makes them a container of positive energy.

4. Sagittarius

Sagittarius can build bridges with the bricks thrown upon them. They handle criticism really well and turn them into something useful.
High Confidence level is their biggest tool which they use to become successful.

5. Pisces 

These people are most friendly. They can turn a heated conversation into a pleasant one with their confidence and gentle personality.
They think too deep, and this is the reason you can find most big thinker are Pisces.

6. Aries

Aries are really matured people. You can never tell whats going on inside them, they would always seem happy and charming. They live life to its fullest and never bother about any negative criticism. 
Negative energy cannot stay around them.
But deep inside they are very emotional and kind.

7. Taurus 

Taurus are smart and competitive people. Their hunger for success and fame is impressive. 
They work hard in every stage of their life to prove that they are worthy of every respect and applause they get.
Taurus try to find their purpose in life and why they are born as a human.
Life is a festival for them and they think they must enjoy the festival.

8. Libra

Libra are confident but if everything goes well in their life. If they find themselves in a difficult situation, then they might break. These people need constant approval for anything they do. They need compliments from their friends. 
Libra needs constant attention, if they don’t get it they feel low in life.

9. Gemini 

Gemini are very kind and emotional kind of people. They try to fit into everything so that no one’s heart breaks.
Gemini try to impress everyone and if they fails to do so, it makes them energy-less.
They feels insecure about everything in their life and that makes them do various activities so that everyone likes them.

10. Cancer 

They care too much about everything. Sometimes, people take advantage of this and it hurts them. 
It makes them insecure as they’ve seen people taking advantage of their caring personality.
Cancer are kind, gentle and very emotional.

11. Aquarius

These people want a perfect life. Perfectionism is their mantra for life. 
Whatever they do, they make sure that it looks good and perfect.
They live a life full of happenings and glamour. They want to make everyone feel their presence, wherever they go.
Trying to show everyone that their life is perfect is what reveals that insecurity.
Living a life as it is and appreciating every perfect and imperfect things and moments, should be their mantra.
It can help them live a contented life.

12. Virgo

Virgo people are too insecure. They think they shouldn’t talk or do anything that sounds stupid.
Overthinking is their favorite pass-time. They’re mostly introvert, and are not very Open.
Most of them find it easier to live in their dreams and imagination than in the real world.

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