6 WORST Types of Manipulators That We Meet in Our Life

What is Manipulation?
It is an skillful act to manage, control or influence for your own advantage, especially  in an unfair manner.

We all want to achieve something and satisfy our needs but not most of us try unfair means to achieve these, but manipulators use every possible tactic to get things done in their favor by any means mostly unfair.
You can keep yourself safe from their techniques if you pay attention to them and by this you’ll be saved from getting misused.

6 Types of Manipulators That We Meet in Our Life.

1. The Masked Bragger

This manipulator uses clever techniques in which it makes other feel bad about something. It boasts about its achievements in such a way that could make others feel inferior.
This manipulator want other people to understand that it has really high standard for everything. Like they would tell you about how they get exhausted after running 20 km while they know that you can’t even run 5 km.
It is really clever tactic where they use guilt mechanism to make other people feel inferior for having such low standards and goal. This helps them have influence and dominance  in their circle and everyone follow them once they’re successful in manipulating.

2. Sweet Talkers
Sweet Talkers
They uses sweet tone and words to make you do their job. This kind of manipulator have very high chances of going upward in the ladder with the help of others.
They would act like they depend on your help and they care for you. One of the technique they use is making everyone feel important by their charming personality and words. But actually most of them are just using their skills to make you help them in everything they do. Once you need or ask for their help they’d act like they aren’t there. They just can’t help anyone because they’re takers not givers.


3. So Called Friend aka Jealous Manipulator
So Called Friend
This type of manipulator are more common who try to act like they’re your friend but inside they’re jealous from your achievements and successes. They’re there just because of getting benefits from you. You can feel the difference between the jealous friend and a genuine one. A Jealous friend hesitate to celebrate your successes. They’d just show up when they need something from you. These people are good talkers and have great acting skills which they use to make you feel like they care for you and are your real friend but actually they are there because they need something from you. World is full of such people.

4. The Wall
The Wall
These kind of people have mastered the tactic of manipulating others by their skillful talking skills. They are good talkers but when someone asks them something in reply or have something important to tell the manipulator just puts the wall between them; he doesn’t listen to other people. They are not good listener. They will just throw out in the form of ideas and advice into the world through their mouth and then puts the wall. Ego has something to do here as these kind of people have ego issues where they think they have the best ideas and wisdom than anyone else around them.


5. The Spy
The Spy
This person tries to interrogate everyone in its circle and collects as much data as possible about their personal life and then uses the information to manipulate them. Once they know what other people like, dislike, fear and desire then they can manipulate them easily on various occasions.


6. Family Comes First
Family Comes First
This happens in most of the families. When you have something special you need to attend and then you have some other thing going on in your family someone tell you that you should give preference to family and says “family comes first”.
This kind of manipulation is really common. Though family always comes first no doubt but people sometimes have things outside of it that they need to choose and in this situation family should support them instead of manipulating.

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