How To Deal With A Narcissist In Your Life (Without Hurting Them)

In this modern world, Narcissism can create much of negativity and sadness in one’s life. If you have a partner who is a narcissist you can listen to all their sad and self hate stories or have to find another way to deal with them.

It becomes really tough to handle someone suffering from narcissism and the worst it becomes when it’s your partner who has this kind of mentality. You can cut yourself off or avoid them if it’s a person who is not very close to you but when its your partner you definitely have to deal with it very carefully and sensitively otherwise things can become really messed up.

How To Deal With A Narcissist In Your Life?

Here are some effective ways you can apply in your life to deal with narcissists.

Do not get too close to them.

They can be hard to understand sometimes as they have this negative view towards life that makes them unstable.If you put your happiness in their hands or get too close you may get hurt.
They are so used to being sad all the time that can make you suffer too and surely you’ll soon find yourself in a sad state. No matter how they pretend never get too close.


Don’t get too emotional.

Getting emotional can help you relate to their feelings but it can harm you. Never get too emotional just stay strong with stable mindset and help them lead to a brighter side of life. So that they can find a way to live their life with more happiness and Positivity .


HEAL yourself first before spending time with them.

It can seem rude but spending more time with such people can make you unhappy and sad. You have to create your own space where you can contain your energy and happiness. 
Once you make yourself stronger you can help others in need. Now you can help them lead to a better life but first you have to heal your own soul and get a stable mindset otherwise you’d damage your life in the process helping them.


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