The Number Of Times You Will Fall In Love During Your Lifetime (Based On Your Zodiac Sign)

According to some survey done by some private agencies it is found that a person can fall in love 4 times on an average in their lifetime.

Surprised, right?
Yeah, you read that right. When they did this survey they found that a person can fall in love 4 times in their life and  you should not feel guilty as this data is based on an average. Not every person falls in love 4 times but its an average data.

Based on the Horoscope reading you can know about each of the Zodiac signs and the number of times they can fall in love in their lifetime.

Without wasting time let’s dive right into the list.

Aries are very open about love. They’re very expressive people who openly shows their love towards their LOVE. They are emotional and sensitive people who values your feelings. Aries believe in Genuine Love.


Taurus are the romantic type of people who have the most romantic view toward love and life. You can surely tell that they have an aura.
Their Love is too deep and if you’re ever been in love with a Taurus you can tell how beautiful they are. Pure Bliss.


These are shy kind of people who keep their love inside and open up in very few situations. Gemini are emotional type of people and very shy in nature. 


These people are kids who love to have a perfect setup for love life. They daydream about it and you tell that they do most romantic things for their partner. Honest and loyal life partner.


Leo believe in magical love stories. They want their love life to be magical and can do anything for their partner. Leo’s are the most genuine partner you can ever have. Extrovert and most romantic.


They are caring life partner. Virgo’s care too much about their partner and love them with all their heart. Sometimes it can feel exhaustive but it is the most beautiful thing.


Libra are the careful lovers who choose their partner very carefully. They are in no rush. So they tend to fall in love with very few people in their lifetime.


Most trusted life partner who believe in falling in love with one person and then pursuing their love throughout their life. Very few chances of falling in love 4 times during their lifetime.



These people are so genuine you can fall in love with them for your life. They cannot fall in love again and again. 



Capricon have a theory of living their life to its fullest. So they don’t care too much about falling in love again and again. What they care most is falling in love again and again until they find their soulmate. So Number of times falling in love can go higher than 4 times in their lifetime.



Aquarius people are really romantic kind of people who can make a perfect life partner. They respect and value their partner. They believe in making adjustments to keep the relationship for long term.


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