Forgiveness Doesn’t Mean Forgetting (Learning Your Lesson Is Important)

In life you cannot go forward without some sort of betrayal. It happens to best of us. 
Getting hurt doesn’t mean that you deserve that or you are being fooled. Just know that it can happen to anyone at any time, just depends on the situation.
As you grow up you can see people people turning their back on you or making you feel unwanted at times. It’s usual and you should not take it too seriously. 
Because in life you’d meet all kind of people and the ones who will hurt you, betray you and that too when you least expect it.
So, once you’re hurt and betrayed, what you should do? Forget? Forgive?

You have to understand that if you don’t learn the lessons from these events in your life you can’t live a peaceful life.

Forgive Them But Never Forget
Forgiveness is good for your soul. But never forget the person and what they did to you. That is the lesson you have to learn once you’ve been hurt and betrayed.
Forgive but never forget. It simply means, forgive them for your own soul so that you won’t carry the burden but never forget what they did Because if you forget what they did you’d miss your lesson and give them second chances to hurt and betray you again and again.
Once someone broke your trust they can break again. It’s PROBABILITY.
Trusting them and giving them more chances just means that you never learned your lessons and gave them chances to damage you one more time.

You have to understand that, you should take care of your own soul and life. There are very few people you can actually trust. So its your life and you are responsible of your own well being because no one is going to do that for you.

Why You Should Forgive?
Forgiveness makes your heart light and frees it from the burden. It helps it heal and become whole again. 
Forgiveness is the most beautiful character one person can have because one who forgives has the most beautiful and strong heart who knows that people can make mistakes. No one is perfect.

Should You Give Them Second Chances?

It depends in your own situation and why they betrayed you. But if you learn from the lesson they gave you it becomes clear what you want. Clear the heart and listen to your own intuition.
Letting go of that person would make your life more peaceful, drama free and contentious.

Do you want to get hurt again?
Your call.

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