How To Get Rid Of Eye Bags Fast And Naturally In a Few Days


Wrinkled eye bags and dark circles that seem like a falling shadow are sure a visual nightmare for each of us. Sometimes these occur in early childhood, and over time they are more visible.

If you see a panda instead of yourself in the mirror, do not panic! It is not your identity, it is only those nasty dark circles around your eyes that appear as a result of too much partying or just working late.

“You can tell the day by the morning” sure applies to this one. To have a nice kick-start in the morning and fresh looks, check the following tips and get rid of the bags under your eyes.

What causes these “bags”?

Dark circles are a sign that your body sends in an effort to show that there is something in your body that does not work properly.

It is believed that these occur as a result of fatigue and insufficient sleep, which does not necessarily mean to be the case; there is a wide range of factors that trigger the occurrence of dark circles.

In medical terms, dark circles are harmless and they are only visible in individuals who have an increased pigmentation compartment under their eyes. They can also appear due to sensitivity of thin skin, under which you can notice capillaries and veins.

Dark circles also appear as a result of water retention, kidney problems, poor metabolism, and in some cases even anemia.

Have you noticed that dark circles commonly appear in spring? Well, if that is your case, you probably have an allergy that you do not know of. Pollen allergies cause dark circles, so make sure you go to an allergist for a thorough check-up.

The skin around your eyes is four times thinner than the skin on other areas of your face. It is also more pigmented, especially in people with darker skin tone.

Moreover, the skin around your eyes undergoes rapid movements that you are not even aware of; during the day, you blink about 15,000 times. Wind, sun, cold and dry air also leave marks on this particular area of your face.

Get Rid of Eye Bags!

You can use different natural creams to get rid of eye bags or dark circles. What is even better, you can make these at home. Here are some tips on how to get rid of dark circles in the comfort of your own home:

Sliced Cucumber

This is one of your grandma’s oldest secrets regarding home remedies. A piece of cucumber will sure do the trick. Cold cucumber slices are 95 percent water and they make your blood vessels constrict and temporarily reduce puffy bags.

This method is considered to be the cheapest out there, and it is equally effective. Take a cucumber out of the fridge and slice some. Put the slices onto your eyes and make sure they cover the bags as well. After 10-15 minutes the bags will disappear.


For optimal results, keep them in the fridge overnight. Wash and cut a potato into slices. Put the slices on your eyes and keep them on for 5-10 minutes. Remove the rings and rinse gently. Raw potatoes help reducing any puffiness and also lighten dark circles, thanks to their high enzyme content.


Soak a piece of cotton wool in some cold milk. Gently squeeze out any excess and place the wool on your eyes. Keep them on for 20 minutes or half an hour. This works great for sore eyes or dark circles, but make sure you do this at least once a day.

Tea bags

Soak teabags of your choice in warm water and keep them in the fridge for 5-10 minutes. Place them on your eyes and wait for 20 minutes or half an hour. Rinse with cold water. Chamomile or green teabags work best.

Egg white

Scramble an egg white and apply it around your eyes, using a brush. As it dries, you will feel a mild tension, but that is a good thing. Leave the white on for 20 minutes and rinse off with cold water.

Anyone asked for emergency help?

Massaging your dark circles with an ice cube for 5 minutes is the fastest way to reduce them. However, this may be dangerous for your eyes and sinuses, which is why it should be only used as an emergency aid.

Extra tips

Once you have got rid of eye bags, make sure you keep them away. Sleep enough and do not spend your free time in front of the TV.

Healthy Diet

The way you look is linked to your dietary habits. Eat healthy foods to keep those circles from coming back. Dark circles are often related to vitamin K and vitamin B12 deficiency.

Eat a lot of fruits and veggies, especially leafy greens like spinach, cabbage, kale or any other vegetable of your choice. Reduce the salt intake because salt retains water, which causes dark circles.

Drink Plenty of Water

This applies especially for those who have dark circles. However, you may want to stay away from liquids before bedtime, because this may also make dark circles appear in the morning.

Stop or Reduce Smoking

Smoking also causes dark circles and eye bags. Insufficient hydration and dry skin associated with smoking are a common reason for dark circles.

Almond Oil

If your dark circles keep coming back, massage your under eye area with some almond oil every morning.


Stop Hair Loss Naturally – See How To Use The Amazing Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

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If you are going through magazines and websites to search for natural hair care products, you will often see coconut oil listed as a “super-food” for your hair. This comes because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties and it is also rich in minerals and vitamins.

Coconut oil stimulates hair growth because its proteins and oil prevent the loss of proteins, which usually leads to hair weakness and breakage. By using it twice a week, followed by a scalp massage, you will notice an improved circulation and hydrated scalp.

How to use it?

People who try to stop hair loss should use it warm, by massaging it gently on the scalp. In this way, coconut oil penetrates deeply in the follicles, nourishes and strengthens the hair.

To achieve maximum results, you should warm it up a little before applying on the hair. Apply the oil generously to your scalp and rub the scalp gently to ensure that the oil spreads adequately to the entire area. Continue massaging the scalp for 5 minutes. Leave the oil on your hair for at least 1 hour (or up to 2-4 if you want to achieve maximum results) and then wash the hair off with a mild shampoo containing natural extracts.

You should endeavor to wash your hair properly as improper washing can lead to the oils clogging together on the scalp and that way inhibiting hair growth.

It is considered to be an effective remedy against head lice, and it is also amazingly efficient in treating the pimples that sometimes appear on the skin of your head. It not only stimulates hair growth, but also makes your hair look healthy and shiny, cleans dandruff, head lice, and acts like a natural moisturizer.

Using coconut oil to stimulate hair growth is the best solution if you want a beautiful, vibrant and sexy hair. If you still have any doubts, just look how many hair care products contain coconut oil.

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This Amazing Drink Will Help You Tighten The Skin On Your Face


Caffeine acid and vitamin C contained in cucumbers give its calming effect, and silicon acid improves skin tones and makes your skin look healthy. Cucumbers are rich in water, and it hydrates your skin and gives it a nice and healthy glow.

B vitamins contained in celery stimulate the exchange of carbohydrates in the body. Coumarin prevents any harmful effect of the free radicals, and keeps the healthy glow of your skin.

Green tea, the third ingredient, contains high per cent of antoxidants, as well as vitamins E and C, meaning it slows the skin aging process, and regulates the body weight.


  • 2 cucumbers, peeled
  • 4 celery stalks
  • 2 cups organic green tea


Blend all the ingredients together, and add some water if the texture seems to be too thick. Never keep this drink in the fridge, and drink it right after you prepare it.

The Most Amazing Homemade Body Scrub Made of Coconut Oil And Lavender


This homemade body scrub recipe will leave you breathless for many reasons!

Lavender and coconut combination will make your skin baby smooth and soft, and this body scrub not only smells amazing, it also looks great in a glass container, so you can keep it in your bathroom as a decoration.

To make this body scrub you need three easily available ingredients — coconut oil, brown sugar and lavender.


  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 3-4 tsp dried lavender


Mix all the ingredients together, keep the body scrub in a glass container and enjoy your beauty treatment!

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Apple Cider Vinegar: Removes Acne, Wrinkles And Freckles

Apple cider vinegar is easily available product and every household has it. If you do not know it yet, then it is time to learn something new, and it is fact that apple cider vinegar should not only be used in the kitchen.

It is also one of the best cleaning agents that is safe for every surface  in your home. But, that is not all — a variety of studies and experiments have shown that apple cider vinegar can be freely used in cosmetics, as it is one of the most powerful natural cosmetic product available to each of us.

Moreover, apple cider vinegar is very cheap and you can easily find it even in your local store. Scientists have confirmed that you can freely use apple cider vinegar as a skin care product, outlining the fact that it is a completely natural product. But remember, if you want some good results, make sure you use it in the right way.

Apple Vinegar Shrinks Pores

Wash and clean your face as you regularly do. Pat dry the skin and apply some apple cider vinegar on the skin areas where the pores are mostly visible. You can do this using a cotton pad soaked in apple cider vinegar.

Anti Aging Treatment

Studies have shown that apple cider vinegar can actually slow down the aging process. Skin care experts suggest that you try a simple and efficient treatment, and the best thing about it is that you can do it in your home!

Combine equal parts of apple cider vinegar and honey, stir well, and apply the mask on your face. Leave it for about 20 minutes and rinse. You may want to do that using lukewarm water, as it will remove any remains. This natural mask will prevent any wrinkles and freckles.

The Apple Cider Vinegar as Skin Scrubber

You can use apple cider vinegar to treat acne and it is one of its most important benefits. It has the ability to kill the bacteria that cause skin infections and irritate your skin. Combine equal parts of apple cider vinegar and sandalwood oil, and apply the mask on your face. It is a winning combination when it comes to treating acne and removing scars.


Homemade Coffee Scrub for Glowing Skin Made With Only 2 Ingredients

Ah coffee… if it wasn’t for you, we’d never make it out of bed in the morning. No one would get any actual work done. The entire of society would collapse.

But just in case you weren’t already dependent enough on coffee/appreciate enough of it, let’s take a look at another awesome use for it: creating a skin mask!

The Idea

The idea with this coffee scrub is basically to exfoliate your skin. Exfoliation essentially means scrubbing away the dead skin cells so that you reveal the healthy skin underneath. This helps to relieve the appearance of wrinkles because they will be seemingly less ‘deep set’ as the rest of the surrounding skin will be less ‘built up’.

At the same time, this will of course make your skin appear much brighter and more glowing as it will be more youthful. Exfoliating also clears the pores, preventing black heads and spots from forming, it removes toxins to reduce inflammation and it allows other creams and treatments to penetrate the skin more deeply.

In short, exfoliating is one of the single most powerful ways to improve the health of your skin. It’s straight forward, simple and proven to work.

Unfortunately it can be expensive. So why not make your own product?

This mask will include coffee and coconut oil as the ingredients. What’s so good about this is that they also provide your skin with plenty of nutrition. Coconut oil helps keep the skin smooth and reduces bacteria. Coffee is packed with antioxidants which prevent ageing and reduces eye puffiness via the caffeine content. Caffeine is also a potent anti-inflammatory and can help to reduce redness in the skin.

Finally, coffee can also help increase the production of collagen and elastin, which makes it effective at reducing lines and wrinkles.

The Ingredients and Instructions

What you will need is one tablespoon of organic coconut oil and one tablespoon of organic coffee, finely ground.

Now what you’re going to do is simply mix the coconut oil in with the coffee and apply it to your face. Rub it in firmly but gently using the tips of your fingers and moving in circular motions. Once you have finished, leave the cream on your face like a mask and then rinse off. Make sure you don’t get any in your eyes.

The great thing about this recipe is that it’s so easy and so cheap. At the same time, it packs all the benefits of a moisturizer, an exfoliant and an anti-wrinkle/anti-inflammatory cream all into one. This is powerful stuff and because it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals – just nice natural ingredients – you know it isn’t going to cause any ill side effects.

Note: this also makes a great gift. If you want to surprise someone with a nice pampering hamper, then you can use coconut oil to make all kinds of products yourself and then package them as a beautiful and healthy gift!


Lemon & Honey: The Most Effective Treatment for Clearer Skin

This is an excellent treatment for skin cleansing. Its preparation is quick and does not consume much time. First, take a lemon from the fridge, and put 3-4 drops of honey on it.

It doesn’t matter if the lemon juice has been previously squeezed. With the lemon prepared this way, rub your entire face, and especially the problematic areas.

Before washing it with cold water, leave the applied mixture on the face for 5 minutes in order to treat the area better. The astonishing results can be seen immediately after the washing.

Moreover, this treatment will also whiten the spots and marks on the face due to the lemon bleaching properties, and honey will provide ultimate nourishment and moisture effect to your facial skin.