Meet World’s 12 of the Biggest Dog Breed You’d Love to Own

Bigger is better.

Humans have a perception that Bigger animals are dangerous.
Actually, our brain is hard-wired to believe that idea, which is developed with the centuries of survival in the wild.
Now, we no longer live in the wild but still, that fear remained in our brain.
Some people consider Big dogs as dangerous and stay away from them.
While some others have come close to these lovely giants and kept them as their family member.

[su_note note_color=”#92dab4″ text_color=”#060606″]Dogs are no doubt, the most trusted pet you can own. They play several roles in their life like hunter, guardian, herder, companion etc.[/su_note]

Bigger dogs can prove to be your best companion as well as guard, whenever you need them. They’ve mild temper and are relaxed animals which can make a lovely family pet.

If you wish to own or interested to know about the largest dog breeds in the world, then you must check out this list and get amazed:

[su_heading size=”26″ align=”left”]1. Great Dane[/su_heading]

Great Dane with girl

[su_highlight background=”#7eaada”]Height- 30-36 Inches           Weight- 50-90 Kg[/su_highlight]

In terms of height, a Great Dane is considered as the tallest dog breed.
A Great Dane named as Zeus, holds the world record as the tallest dog in the world, who was 44 inches tall.
These are powerful and strong which can prove to be good hunting dog as well as guard.
They are of playful, charming and gentle nature but can become aggressive if a situation demands it.

[su_heading size=”26″ align=”left”]2. St. Bernard[/su_heading]

St. bernard

[su_highlight background=”#7eaada”]Height- 27-35 inches           Weight- 65- 91 Kg[/su_highlight]

The St. Bernard dogs are huge in size, which was used as a rescue dog on the Alps. A St. Bernard can go through miles in the snow.
They require proper training to socialize with family members.

[su_heading size=”26″ align=”left”]3. English Mastiff[/su_heading]

English Mastiff

[su_highlight background=”#7eaada”]Height- 26-31 inches           Weight- 68-120 Kg[/su_highlight]

English Mastiff is the Biggest dog breed in terms of Weight.
A dog names as Zorba, holds the world record for the heaviest dog in the world, with 142.7 Kg in weight.

Romans used these giant dogs for gladiatorial fights.
These are intelligent as well as powerful, which can guard you against any kind of danger.


[su_heading size=”26″ align=”left”]4. Newfoundland[/su_heading]


[su_highlight background=”#7eaada”]Height- 27- 30 inches           Weight- 60-80 Kg[/su_highlight]

Newfoundland is large in size and has better understanding of humans need.
They can be used for various purposes like a rescue mission, or on a fishing campaign.
They are an extremely good swimmer, that is the reason why fisherman uses them for many activities.

Newfoundland dog breed is known for their gentle and helpful behaviour.


[su_heading size=”26″ align=”left”]5. Neapolitan Mastiff[/su_heading]


[su_highlight background=”#7eaada”]Height- 26-31 inches           Weight- 53-92 Kg[/su_highlight]

Neapolitan Mastiff is a giant breed, which is fearless and protective In nature.
These were used by the Romans in wars due to their brave nature and muscular body.
They rarely bark.

[su_heading size=”26″ align=”left”]6. Irish Wolfhound [/su_heading]

Irish Wolfhound

[su_highlight background=”#7eaada”]Height- 25-36 inches           Weight-55-85 Kg[/su_highlight]

Irish Wolfhound is a tough contender of the Great Dane, in terms of height.
These dogs were used for hunting purposes, in the past, due to their tall and muscular figure. They can run too fast with their strong and long legs.
They are known as Wolfhound because they‘re used for hunting wolves in Ireland.
Wolfhound is intelligent and friendly in nature which loves to be around humans.

[su_heading size=”26″ align=”left”]7. Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff) [/su_heading]

Dogue De Bordeaux or French Mastiff

[su_highlight background=”#7eaada”]Height- 23-27 inches           Weight- 55-64 Kg[/su_highlight]

This dog can do various jobs, from rescuing to pulling carts. It is one of the most ancient breeds of French Origin.
Their head looks huge and face seems serious, but in nature, they’re charming and friendly.

[su_heading size=”26″ align=”left”]8. Caucasian Shepherd Dog [/su_heading]

caucasian shepherd dog

[su_highlight background=”#7eaada”]Height- 26-34 inches           Weight- 45-70 Kg[/su_highlight]

These dogs are mainly found in Russia, Georgia, Armenia and Caucasian region.
They look more like a Lion than a dog with huge figure and muscular body similar to a Lion.
These aren’t normally used for family purposes but they can be used for guarding.

[su_heading size=”26″ align=”left”]9. Leonberger[/su_heading]


[su_highlight background=”#7eaada”]Height- 27-32 inches           Weight- 50- 95 Kg[/su_highlight]

Leonberger is a mixed breed of St. Bernard and Newfoundland.
Due to this, they can do a lot of helpful work for their owner.
It can be used for a rescue mission or as a family pet.

[su_heading size=”26″ align=”left”]10. Scottish Deerhound [/su_heading]

Scottish deerhound

[su_highlight background=”#7eaada”]Height- 28-32 inches           Weight- 35-55 Kg[/su_highlight]

These large dogs were mainly used for hunting red deer, that is why it is named as Deerhound. They are strong and smart.

[su_heading size=”26″ align=”left”]11. Komondor[/su_heading]

Komondor dog

[su_highlight background=”#7eaada”]Height- 28-32 inches           Weight- 50-65 Kg[/su_highlight]

Komondor looks different than any other dog and it can be easily distinguished due to its distinctive looks.
The powerful dog is used for guarding properties.
Komondor is mainly found in Hungary, where it is declared as a national treasure.

[su_heading size=”26″ align=”left”]12. Great Pyrenees[/su_heading]

Great Pyrenees

[su_highlight background=”#7eaada”]Height- 30-39 inches           Weight- 50-60 Kg[/su_highlight]

It is an ancient breed which is known for its obedient nature and beautiful look.
These are very friendly and loyal to their owner.

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