4 Changes in Behavior Someone Shows Before Ending a Relationship

Having a healthy relationship with your partner makes life so much better and joyous.
But as you grow old you’d know that not every relationship lasts forever. Though it feels heartbreaking, it is actually Good for you, ultimately.
If it didn’t last, then it wasn’t meant for you and now you should accept that, and expand your vision for life.

These are some signs that make it clear that a relationship is fading and about to end.

1. You try to Escape from the thought of being in a Relationship.


You’d often find yourself imagining about staying Single or breaking up your current relationship so that you can engage in a better and healthier relationship.
You feel kind of depressed when you imagine yourself staying forever in the current relationship.
At this stage, you’d try to avoid your partner.
It doesn’t mean that you hate them, it just means that you understand something should be changed for the better good of both.

2. Aggression Consumes you.

If every little conversation becomes violent and both of you lose temper more than often then, it is a sign that you both are losing a connection.
Both of you find it hard to talk about anything fearing that it’d turn out bad.

3. Losing Connection.

A connection is something that makes your relationship healthy. It holds you both together in Good times as well as in bad times.

You both feel like, you’re strongly connected to each other with a bond that can never break when you’re in a very healthy and happy relationship.

But if the connection among you starts fading then, you should understand that End is coming.

4. Justify Your Actions and Decisions.

When in a matured and healthy relationship, two people never need to justify anything.
They understand each other’s feelings and needs.
But Once you start justifying your actions, motives and decisions then, it’s a clear indication that something is not good between both of you.
Otherwise, people don’t usually justify anything.


End of a relationship is not the end of your world, but it is actually the very beginning.
From there you can both grow with a better sense of your Emotional needs and your feelings.

The Good thing about it is that, your chances of falling in a relationship that can last forever, increases.


  1. Thank you for this great information. I recognize several points that I have known for sometime that from your info that what I see and feel are real. Thank you for always sharing your outstanding information with me, love you Bunches 💖💖💖💖

  2. i recently ended it w a guy who will always be the love of my life. he suffers from severe mental illness and i thought i could handle it but it was becoming dangerous for me…plus he was taking my most cherished possessions and either losing them or selling them……i had enough…it hurts when i dream about who i wish he could be but im determined to keep my eyes wide open and not get sentimental…..i find myself lately missing him…but i know ill get over it and move on if i just stay strong. its for the best for both of us. ill live and so will he.

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