12 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Game Of Thrones

You know nothing, Jon Snow.

  1. The Dothraki language was created by linguist David J. Peterson, especially for this series. It has approximately 3000 words.
  2. Sansa Stark alias. Sophie Turner so loved that direwolf from the show that she actually adopted it in real life.
  3. Peter Dinklage who is portrayed as Tyrion Lannister has appeared in more episodes than any other character in the series.
  4. GOT has so much impact that babies are named after the characters. Naming babies with names like Arya and Khaleesi is trending all over the world.
    hodor and arya djing
  5. It costs around $8 million on an average to create one episode of GOT. The [su_label type=”important”]”Battle of Bastards”[/su_label] is one of the most expensive episode till now.
  6. The Iron Throne is much bigger in the book.
  7. The horse heart that Daenerys ate in the season 1 was made of 3.5 pounds of solidified jam.
  8. Another popular show “The Walking Dead” is the inspiration for the look of White walkers, and the makeup takes almost 4-5 hours.
  9. Cersei’s [su_label type=”important”]”Walk of Shame”[/su_label] was inspired by a real event from Medieval Britain.

  10. A large number of actors haven’t read the book written by George R.R. Martin. They think that it’d affect their acting if they already knew in advance, what happens to their character.
    Game of thrones book

  11. King Joffrey, aka Jack Gleeson, played a kid’s role in Batman Begins.
  12. George R.R. Martin already revealed the ending of the book to D.B. Weiss and David Benioff, in case he doesn’t live to complete his book.

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