12 Most Dangerous Bridges In The World You Shouldn’t Cross in 2018

Have you ever crossed a rope bridge?
It feels terrifying and exciting at the same time. Right?

For a person crossing a normal rope bridge can be terrifying and scary let alone the most dangerous bridges.

While I’m taking you to a tour of the bridges which are considered as most dangerous, take a deep breathe and don’t look down.

So Let’s dive right into this Exciting list of most Dangerous Bridges in the world:

12. Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Pakistan: Most Dangerous Bridge In The World

Take a closer look at this bridge. Would you cross it?
Well its too unsafe, right? That’s what I think.

It is situated in Pakistan, where everyday people cross this terrifying bridge to get across Borit lake. Though its dangerous, it has become a tourist attraction.
It’s one of the most dangerous bridge in the world and you can only understand it once you walk through it.
For locals, it is part of their routine and they cross this terrifying bridge to travel to other part of the region.
You think you’ve seen everything?
Let’s head over to the second bridge on the list.

11. Mount Titlis Bridge, Switzerland: Beauty And Danger At One Place

Sounds familiar?
Switzerland is famous for its lush green beauty and snows. Undoubtedly one of the best places to live but it has its own way of giving you a chill. It has Mount Titlis Bridge.
This bridge is the highest suspension bridge in Europe, which is above 2900 m above sea level.
You should walk through this bridge, once in your life, to test your fear of heights.

10. Canopy Walk, Ghana: In The Lap Of Nature

If you’re a true nature lover and want to enjoy a walk above the trees, then this bridge can give you goosebumps. You would feel more connected to the nature while on the walk.
Though its one of the most dangerous bridge, it has its own beauty. You’d feel like you’re in the lap of nature while upon it.

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9. Ghasa Bridge, Nepal: Deadliest Bridge In The World

Situated in Kali Gandaki Valley in Nepal, this bridge is very unstable and long, it can give you thrilling experience. Locals as well as animals use this for daily commute.
Nepal is a beautiful country and if you ever go there, you must visit this bridge.

8. Iya Kazurabashi Bridge, Japan: It’s Japan

Iya Kazurabashi Bridge is a major tourist attraction in Japan. Many other similar but smaller bridges are there around it. Actually no one has any idea about its history like, who built it?
People say that some clan members made these bridges to cross across that river to escape from the Genji clan.

7. Taman Negara Canopy Walkway, Malaysia: Shaky

This Canopy walkway is 510 m long and fit for only one person to pass at a time. Though it seems well structured than other bridges, it’s too dangerous.

6. Qeswachaka Bridge, Peru: Scariest Bridge In The World

This bridge is made above the Apurimac River Canyon, it is unsteady and only for brave-hearts. This bridge is far from safety. 

5. Longjiang Suspension Bridge, China: Highest Bridge In The World

Great place to overcome your fear of heights. It is one of the highest in the world. However it’s a modern era structure, so there isn’t anything to fear about its build quality. Its just about those heights.

4. Seven Mile Bridge, Florida: Largest Bridge In The World

This bridge is 6.8 miles long and spans over the Atlantic ocean. If you love the ocean then you should be there, at least once in your life. It’ll captivate your soul. 

3. Musou Tsuribashi Bridge, Japan: It’s Japan Again

It seems Japanese love danger.
Musou bridge is a very old and from time to time it requires some repair work but still works fine.

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2. Puente de Ojuela Bridge, Mexico: Dangerous Bridge

Originally built for mining purposes to transport goods, these place is now a tourist attraction.

1. U Bein Bridge, Myanmar: Beautiful Danger

Situated in Myanmar. this bridge is one of the oldest teakwood in the world which is built around 1850.
It looks beautiful and dangerous at the same time. Great place for a morning walk.

Which one do you think is the most dangerous bridge in the world?
In case I missed something, do let me know.

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